It seems to me that to say to myself that I like to make games after I have released at least 2 games. And when the work, then what brings the money, it's also a favorite thing, then life is considered to be a success.

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FrivMan's News

Posted by FrivMan - February 17th, 2021


The Minecraft game world is immense and there are a lot of beautiful places that you might like. To make it easier for you to find such places, there are Minecraft Seeds that can take you to any corner of the game world.

There is a huge variety of different seeds, you can choose the place you want and go there right now. All you need is to enter a special code, which you will find at the end of each article. This code is the seed.

You can go to the jungle, to a huge village, a fairytale castle, to a flying island and visit a bunch of unusual places. Each seed offers you a different spawn system, so you will spawn at a specific location each time.

And if you use Minecraft Mods, you can find a lot of interesting things and take a huge step towards getting to know the game world even better and exploring the most hidden corners of this huge gaming planet!


Posted by FrivMan - August 6th, 2018


Each game developer dreams that it's their characters that are the most attractive and popular, but few of whom get it. To the developer of Kizi Games does not apply, this character immediately became popular and loved. What is the secret of such success? The hero stands out very much among the other participants in the flash drive. At first it may seem that the whole world in which he lives is not very complicated and noteworthy, there are no complicated graphs and intricate events with impracticable missions.

The alien is not distinguished by his mysterious appearance, but by an excellent character. This is not just a charming creature, with it no one can ever get bored, because the nature of the activities of this character is very diverse. In different Kizi games reveals for the gamer a certain character trait. This can be space travel, and sports activities, such as basketball. The creature really likes a good company, which gamers are happy to share. Together you can engage in an active lifestyle, creativity or develop certain qualities.

These games are attractive to the main character, who is a rather unordinary creature. He has a character that everyone likes, besides, he does not look just friendly, but even happily, which is passed on to every gamer. Together with Kizi it is very pleasant to spend free time, and after joint leisure the mood for a long time remains good, and thoughts are filled only with positive moments.

Posted by FrivMan - March 19th, 2018

Friv Games

Online Friv puzzles - this is not a waste of time, because the solution of logical tasks behind the computer is in no way inferior to the tasks in the textbooks, moreover, because of the colorful graphics, the acquisition of basics is much faster and more productive. In addition, the child will not be distracted from the game, as is often the case with "communication" with the textbook and assimilation will happen many times faster, which will save his time and your nerves. Your baby is unlikely to extract equivalent lessons from the book on logic or mathematics, but having solved more than one logical task in the form of a game, in the future will be able to use the acquired skills. Therefore, if you see that the child's desire to play computer puzzles online is growing every day - show him this site.

Not so long ago it was found out that during the working day, in addition to the lunch break, a person must break away from his main activity for ten to fifteen minutes every two to three hours, so that the brain can not be overloaded and bright ideas could come to mind, which, in fact, . Therefore, the leadership began to not object if the employees spend these very short breaks for solving puzzles. This "distraction" helps to "reload" the head, deepening it into a completely different channel, and then, after returning to work, look at it with a fresh look.

Posted by FrivMan - December 7th, 2016


Chaque fille et un garçon seront en mesure de trouver intéressante en ligne Jeux de Friv de tout genre, ainsi que des jeux basés sur des dessins animés et des personnages préférés des enfantsùm. Nous ajoutons constamment sur le site de jeu et vous pouvez toujours les voir sur la page principale et juste jouer. Venez vite nous et jouer dans un jeu lumineux et coloré. Jouer, vous pouvez revivre toutes les aventures de personnages préférés: courir, sauter, tirer, résoudre des problèmes logiques et d'avoir du plaisir. Essayez costume de super héros courageux, prendre le premier prix dans les courses les plus cool d'aujourd'hui, jouer pour votre équipe de football préférée ou prendre conscience pas manquer sniper! Jouer le jeu peut et doit être un adulte et les enfants.